Chocolate Cake

Mrs. Monroe Frank.

One cup of butter, two cups sugar, four cups flour, four eggs, three teaspoons of Royal Baking Powder, one cup sweet milk.

For Frosting. - One-half cake Baker's chocolate, one-half cup sugar (pulverized); enough hot water to cover; set in a pan of boiling water over the fire three minutes; when cold, add one-half teaspoon vanilla. Spread the same as for jelly cake.

White Mountain Cake

Mrs. John Edwards, Rockford.

Two cups sugar, two-thirds cup butter, whites of seven eggs well beaten, two-thirds cup sweet milk, two cups flour, one cup corn starch, two teaspoons baking powder; bake in jelly-cake tins.

Frosting. - Whites of three eggs and some sugar beaten together — not quite as stiff as for frosting; spread over the cake; add some grated cocoanut, then put your cakes together; put cocoanut or frosting for the top.

Yellow Mountain Cake

Nellie Spencer. Yolks of ten eggs, one cup butter, two of sugar, one of milk, three of flour, one teaspoon soda, two of cream tartar.

Cocoanut Mountain Cake

Mrs. J. P. Hoit.

One cup butter, three cups sugar, one cup milk, three and a half cups flour, whites of ten eggs, one teaspoon cream tartar, one-half teaspoon soda, essence of almond; bake in sheets. Make an icing of the whites of three eggs and one pound sugar; ice each sheet, and sprinkle one grated cocoanut lightly over all.

Cocoanut Cake

Mrs. M. G. Hubbell, Shabbona, 111.

Two eggs, one cup sugar, two-thirds cup of milk, one-half cup butter, two cups flour, two heaping teaspoons baking powder.

Frosting. - Whites of two egg, eight teaspoons sugar, flavor to suit. Bake the same as jelly cake; spread a thin layer of frosting, sprinkled with prepared cocoanut, and frost the top and thickly sprinkle with the cocoanut.

Almond Cake

Mrs. Henry Stevens.

Two cups sugar, one-half cup butter, one cup sweet milk, two and one-half cups flour, whites of eight eggs, one teaspoon cream tartar, one-half teaspoon soda; mix butter and sugar to a cream; mix other ingredients alternately, putting in soda last; bake in layers like jelly cake; spread each layer with soft frosting, and add blanched split almonds about an inch apart on each layer.

Boston Cream Cake

Mrs. E. S. Chesebrough.

One pint of water, one-half pound butter, three-fourth pound flour, ten eggs ; boil the butter and water together; stir in the flour when boiling; when cool, add the eggs, and soda the size of a pea; drop by the spoonful on a buttered baking pan, leaving space so that the cakes will not touch when risen. Bake in a very quick oven about ten minutes. When cold, make an incision at the side and fill with the following cream: Six gills of milk, one and one-half cups flour, two cups sugar, six eggs; beat the flour, sugar and eggs together and stir into the milk while boiling. Flavor with the rind of a lemon.