Dressing For Chickens Or Turkey

Mrs. F. D.

Chop bread crumbs quite fine, season well with pepper, salt and plenty of butter; moisten with a very little water, and add a few oysters with a little of the liquor, if you please. The best authorities say the dressing is the finest when it crumbles as the fowl is cut.

Dressing For Turkey

C Kennicot.

One pint of soaked bread, one teaspoon of sage, one teaspoon of summer savory, one teaspoon of salt, one-half teaspoon pepper, butter size of an egg.

Chicken Cheese

Two chickens boiled tender, chop, but not too fine; salt and pepper, three or four eggs boiled and sliced; line dishes or moulds with them; pour in the chicken and the liquor they were boiled in; when cold slice. Should be boiled in as little water as possible.

Jellied Chicken

M. A. T.

Boil a fowl until it will slip easily from the bones; let the water be reduced to about one pint in boiling; pick the meat from the bones in good sized pieces, taking out all gristle, fat and bones; place in a wet mould; skim the fat from the liquor; a little butter; pepper and salt to the taste and one-half ounce of gelatine. When this dissolves, pour it hot over the chicken. The liquor must be seasoned pretty high, for the chicken absorbes.

Chicken Pie

Mrs. A. A. Carpenter.

Boil your chickens until they are tender and season highly, line deep pie plates with a rich crust, take the white meat and a little of the dark off from the bones, put into the pie plates, pour the gravy over the chicken, add butter and a little flour, cover with the crust, bake from half to three-quarters of an hour.

Chicken Pie

Mrs. H.

Stew chickens until tender; line the sides of a deep pie dish, with nice pastry ; put in the chicken, and the water in which it has boiled, (which should be but half a pint); season with a large piece of butter, salt and pepper, and then cover loosely with a crust. While this is baking, have ready a quart can of fine oysters; put on the fire a pint of rich milk, (or the liquor of the oysters will do;) let it come to a boil; thicken with a little flour, and season with butter, pepper and salt; pour this over the oysters boiling hot, and about fifteen minutes before the pie is done, lift the crust and pour the oysters and all into the pie; then return to the oven to finish.

Chicken Loaf

Mrs. W. H. Low. Take two chickens, boil them in as little water as possible until the meat will drop from the bones; cut it with a knife and fork; then put it back into the kettle; put in plenty of butter, pepper and salt; heat it thoroughly; boil an egg hard and slice it and place it in the bottom of a dish; pour it in hot, place a weight upon it, and put it away to cool; it will come out in a form.