Batter Pudding

Mrs. H. L. Bristol.

One pint of milk, four eggs, the yolks and whites beaten separately, ten tablespoons of sifted flour, a little salt; beat in the whites of the eggs the last thing before baking; bake half an hour.

Baked Batter Pudding

One quart of sweet milk, seven tablespoons of flour (heaping), six eggs well beaten (whites separated), one tablespoon brandy; put the whites of the eggs in the last thing, and bake half an hour. Serve with brandy sauce.

Steamed Batter Pudding

Mrs. M. G. Hubbell, Cornton, 111.

Two eggs to two teacups of sour milk, two teaspoons saleratus and salt; stir very thick or it will be heavy; then add any fruit you wish; steam two hours; eaten with sweetened cream.

Steamed Batter Pudding

Mrs. L. H. Davis.

Two eggs and one tablespoon of sugar beaten together, one cup of milk, two cups flour, one tablespoon melted butter, half teaspoon soda, one teaspoon cream tartar; beat well, and pour the batter over either sliced apples or peaches, and steam one hour and a quarter; this will fill a three pint basin. Serve with hot sauce.

Batter Pudding

One quart of milk, twelve tablespoons of flour, nine eggs, a teaspoon of salt; beat the yolks thoroughly ; stir in the flour and add the milk slowly; beat the whites of the eggs to a froth, and add the last thing; put in a tin pudding mould, having a tight cover, and boil two hours; the mould should not be full as the pudding will swell; the water must not stop boiling. Eat with liquid sauce.

Amherst Pudding

Mrs. F. M. Cragin.

Three cups of flour, one of suet, one of milk, one of molasses, two of raisins; salt and spice to your taste; one teaspoon saleratus; boil in a bag three hours. For sauce: One cup of sugar, one-half of butter, one egg.

Corn Pudding

Mrs. F. M. Cragin.

One dozen ears of corn, one pint of milk, two eggs, salt, two teaspoons of sugar, two of flour; bake one hour in quick oven.

Bread Pudding

Mrs. Freeman.

Soak a pint of bread crumbs in milk for an hour, then squeeze with the hands to a pulp, and mix well with a gill of milk, then add three tablespoons of sugar, one-quarter pound raisins, one-quarter pound of melted butter, and the yolks of four eggs; then beat the whites of the eggs to a froth and mix with the rest; turn the mixture into a dish and bake about forty minutes. Serve with wine sauce, hot or cold, according to taste.