Egg Sauce

Prepare drawn butter, and to this add three or four hard boiled eggs sliced or chopped.

Fish Sauce

One-quarter of a pound of fresh butter; one tablespoon of finely chopped parsley, a little salt and pepper and the juice of two lemons. Cream the butter; mix all well together, adding at the least a teaspoon of mayonaise. Less lemon juice may be used if preferred.

Fish Sauce

Mrs. Bausher. Make a drawn butter very smoothly, mix with some finely cut pickle; add two tablespoonfuls of salad dressing well mixed, prepared from egg, oil and mustard, viz.: yolk one egg; one teaspoon mustard and oil, till thickens.

Tomato Sauce

Mrs. C. S. Horseman, Rockford, 111. Thirty-six ripe tomatoes, six green peppers, two onions chopped fine, two cups of sugar, two tablespoons of salt, two teaspoons of ground cloves, two teaspoons of mustard, two teaspoons of cinnamon, two cups of vinegar, and boil half a day.

Green Tomato Sauce

Mrs. Houghteling.

One peck of green tomatoes, cut in very thin slices; sprinkle with salt; press with a plate and leave to drain twenty-four hours. Then place in a porcelain kettle in layers with the following mixture: Six large onions cut in slices, one small bottle of mustard, one-quarter pound of mustard seed, two teaspoons cloves, four teaspoons black pepper, two teaspoons ginger, four teaspoons allspice. Cover with vinegar and simmer two hours, or until the tomato looks clear. All the spices should be ground.

Oyster Sauce

Mrs. L. T.

Take oysters out of their liquor and throw them into cold water; put the liquor over the fire with the beards of the oysters, and boil with a bit of mace and lemon peel; then strain the liquor; take the oysters out of the water; drain, and put them with the strained liquor into a saucepan, with sufficient butter and milk for your sauce; dust into this flour; let it boil up; add a squeeze of lemon juice, and serve hot.

Onion Sauce

Boil three or four white onions until they are tender, and then mince them fine; put one-half pint of milk over to boil; add a piece of butter half size of egg, and a little salt and pepper; stir in the minced onion and a tablespoon of flour, which has been moistened with milk; let it cream over boiling water.

Chili Sauce

Mrs. Henry M. Knickerbocker.

Twenty-four large ripe tomatoes, six green peppers, four large onions, three tablespoons salt, eight tablespoons brown sugar, six teacups vinegar. Chop the peppers and onions very fine; peel the tomatoes and cut very small; put all into a kettle and boil gently one hour.