Mutton Soup

Mrs. Whitehead. Boil a leg of mutton three hours; season to your taste with salt and pepper, and add one teaspoon of summer savory; make a batter of one egg, two tablespoons of milk, two tablespoons of flour, all well beaten together; drop this batter into the soup with a spoon and boil for three minutes.

Veal Soup

To about three pounds of a joint of veal, which must be well broken up, put four quarts of water and set it over to boil. Prepare one-fourth pound of macaroni by boiling it by itself, with sufficient water to cover it; add a little butter to the maccaroni when it is tender; strain the soup and season to taste with salt and pepper; then add the macaroni in the water in which it is boiled. The addition of a pint of rich milk or cream and celery flavor is relished by many.

Swiss White Soup


Stock for six persons. Beat up three eggs, two spoons of flour and one cup of milk, pour this slowly through a sieve into the boiling soup, adding salt and pepper.

Turkey Soup


Take the turkey bones and cook for one hour in water enough to cover them; then stir in a little dressing and a beaten egg. Take from the fire and when the water has ceased boiling, add a little butter with pepper and salt.

Oyster Soup

M. A. T.

Take one quart of water; one teacup of butter; one pint of milk; two teaspoons of salt; four crackers rolled fine, and one teaspoon of pepper; bring to full boiling heat as soon as possible, then add one quart of oysters; let the whole come to boiling heat quickly and remove from the fire.

Oyster Soup

Mrs. T. V. Wadskier.

Pour one quart of boiling water into a skillet; then one quart of good rich milk; stir in one teacup of rolled cracker crumbs; season with pepper and salt to taste. When all come to a boil, add one quart of good fresh oysters ; stir well, so as to keep from scorching; then add a piece of good sweet butter, about the size of an egg; let it boil up once; then remove from the fire immediately; dish up and send to table.

Clam Soup

Mrs. A. A. Carpenter.

Cut salt pork in very small squares and fry light brown; add one large or two small onions cut very fine and cook about ten minutes; add two quarts of water and one quart of raw potatoes sliced; let it boil. Then add one can of clams. Mix one tablespoonful of flour with water, put it with one pint of milk and pour into the soup and let it boil about five minutes. Butter, pepper, salt, Worcestershire sauce to taste.