Tripe is the large stomach of a ruminating animal and is nutritious and easily digested.

To Prepare Tripe For Cooking

Scald the stomach with boiling water sufficiently to loosen the inside coating; if this is properly done, the coating may be easily scraped off. Wash the tripe well through several boiling waters ; then put it in cold water, and let it soak over night. Scrape again until white and clean. Tripe is usually sold in the city markets already cleaned.

Boiled Tripe

Boil the tripe in equal parts of milk and water for half an hour, boiling at the same time and in the same water a couple of onions, which should be put in the water at least half an hour before the tripe is put in to boil. Skim out the onions when perfectly tender, and make them into a sauce to pour over the tripe. The sauce is made as follows:

Onion Sauce For Tripe

Drain the cooked onions well and chop them very fine ; then place them in half a pint of hot milk, and season with butter, salt and pepper,