Our return journey from Naples was by the German Lloyd steamer, and our finest two days were the day we went on board and the day we got off at Genoa. In old times, if one went from Leghorn to Genoa by sea, it was by an Italian steamer. To-day the fine ships along that coast are German. You get out of the little boat that takes you from the Italian shore to the steamer, and you feel almost as if you were in a great hotel in Germany. I have travelled so little by sea that I immensely enjoyed the sight of the Bay of Naples and all the little scenes surrounding a big steamer, boys diving for coppers, &c. Buildings, or the work of man like Stonehenge, or the Mont St. Michel, are exceedingly like their pictures, photographs, drawings, or paintings; but Nature - in this instance Vesuvius - was far more beautiful than any portrait of it everconveyedto my mind. Steaming along the coast was enchanting, and I enjoyed it to the full, with the sea so calm that the large vessel was absolutely steady. All the fine afternoon till it grew dark we sat on deck and enjoyed the beauties of the shores and islands. My mind flew back to Marion's description in 'Aurora Leigh': -

.... I could hear my own soul speak,

And had my friend, - for Nature comes sometimes

And says, ' I am ambassador for God.'

I felt the wind soft from the land of Souls ;

The old miraculous mountains heaved in sight,

One straining past another along the shore,

The way of grand dull Odyssean ghosts,

Athirst to drink the cool blue wine of seas

And stare on voyagers.

Very few young people nowadays seem to read 'Aurora Leigh.' This is not surprising, as the cause of women as preached by Mrs. Browning has been more than accepted for some years. But I was interested to see, in a syllabus sent to me the other day by a suburban club for women's lectures to women, that one lecture was entitled: 'What do the women of to-day owe to "Aurora Leigh "?'

Genoa was bathed in golden, bright, twinkling sunshine, and oh! the regret of toiling up to the hot station to take the train for the north.