Take half a pound good raisins and wash well in cold water. Cut them up roughly to free the pulp in cooking, and put them into a stewing jar, or Gourmet boiler, with one quart cold water (distilled, for perfection). Cook three to four hours, when the liquid will be reduced to one pint. Press all but insoluble skins and stones through a fine, scalded sieve, and use either hot or cold. If too sweet, a little lemon juice may be added, but it is best without for invalids and children. This drink is of the same proteid value as milk, and is so much more easily digested that it is being used successfully in many cases of gastric disease where both milk and vegetable or meat soups are impossible. It is not recommended to meat-eaters, as the sweetness might cause bilious disturbance ; but to scientific vegetarians and fruitarians it is in-valuable as a nutrient drink. For those who suffer from cold it is very warming.