If a wild duck, first parboil for 15 minutes after cleaning. Otherwise proceed as for roasting a chicken. Singe, clean (and remove some of the pieces of fat from a goose). Make a dressing of bread, apples (peeled and cut up in small pieces) and butter. Fill with dressing and lace up, by sticking toothpicks across and lacing with string, which is easily removed. Roast about 2 hours or 2 1/2 hours for a large goose. Lower heat after first half hour. Baste and add water as needed. Let the gravy brown. If a goose pour off the fat. Make a giblet gravy. Boil the giblets (heart, liver and gizzard) until tender. Chop fine, use food chopper. When roast is ready, remove and proceed to make gravy. Add a little boiling water, if necessary. Thicken and add the giblets, chopped. Apple sauce, currant jelly or any tart conserve goes nicely with this.

Helen C. Straesser.