To Cook Coarse Hominy

Use six cups of boiling liquid to each cup of hominy. Salt to taste. Cook six to ten hours, either over a slow fire, or in a double boiler. The only object in using the double boiler is that it is easier to keep the food constantly cooking, and there is no danger of burning.

To Cook Fine Hominy

Use four cups of liquid to one cup of hominy. Cook from three to six hours. Salt to taste.

To Cook Cerealine Flakes

This is one of the specially prepared cereals which is partially cooked during the process of manufacture. The directions with this package cereal sometimes read "Cook one minute," but one usually finds fifteen minutes cooking to be more satisfactory.

To Make Cornmeal Mush

Use four cups of water to one cup of cornmeal. Have three cups of the water salted to taste, and boiling in the vessel in which the meal is to be cooked. Wet the cornmeal in one cup of cold water, then put into the boiling water, carefully stirring to avoid lumps, and cook half an hour directly over the fire. Stir often enough to prevent burning, or set the close-covered vessel containing the mush in a kettle of hot water, also covered, and cook two hours. If the mush is to be cooled and fried, use half a measure more of water to the same amount of cornmeal, as the mush thickens in cooling, though the fried mush should never be soft enough to break when cooked.

Mush from Coarse Oat Meal

Measure and put into the upper part of the double boiler, or into a tin pail having a tight-fitting cover, a sufficient amount of water to make the quantity of mush desired, using the same measuring dipper or cup for both the water and the oatmeal. Set aside one-fifth as much oatmeal as you have hot water in the kettle. When the water is boiling, salt it to suit the taste, and sift in the oatmeal with the hand. Do not stir the oatmeal, as this renders it stringy and less palatable, but lift from the bottom of the vessel with a spoon to prevent burning. Let cook directly over the fire until it swells and ceases to settle to the bottom, then set in the lower part of the double boiler, or, if in a pail, cover the pail closely and set in a kettle of boiling water; cover closely and let boil from six to ten hours.

Mush from Fine Oatmeal

Proceed in the same manner as for coarse oatmeal, except take one-fourth as much meal as water and cook three to six hours.

Mush from Rolled Oats

Use one part of cereal to three parts of boiling water and cook one and one-half to three hours.

To Cook luce

Free the rice from all objectionable parts, and wash well to remove any loose starch. Put a cup of prepared rice into two quarts of boiling water, and cook rapidly for fifteen or twenty minutes, or until the grains are tender, drain in a sieve or colander, and set on a warm part of the range to dry off.

A more economical way of cooking rice, and one which is equally as good when skillfully done, is to put a cup of prepared rice into three cups of boiling water, slightly salted. Let boil rapidly until the grains swell some, then put into the double kettle. When done, set on back of range to dry off, and lift from bottom with a fork.