Lemon Whey

One cup of hot milk, one-half tablespoonful of lemon juice, or enough to cause curd to separate. Heat until the clear whey is seen, then strain, and add sugar to taste.

Vinegar Whey

Make in the same manner as lemon whey, using vinegar instead of lemon juice.

Lamb Broth

Make as directed on page 263, and see that every particle of grease is removed before serving. May use rice, cooked in plenty of water, in the broth.

Chicken Broth

Cut up a hen as for stewing, put the bony pieces in the bottom of the kettle, and the breast on top. Cover with cold water, and cook slowly four or five hours. Pour the broth off Rice may be served with it. See that the fat is all removed from the broth.

Beef Broth

Select the round of beef, cut in small pieces, and cook two hours, or if there is time, select the shank or shin, remove the outer skin, make perfectly clean, and cook four or five hours. In any case, simply cover an inch deep with cold water, and cook slowly. Remove every trace of fat, and salt to taste.

Beef Tea

Prepare lean beef by removing the fat and cutting into small pieces. Put a pound of the meat in a jar with a cup of cold water, cook, and finish as before directed for beef extract.

Beef Powder

Use the same kind of meat, and prepare as for tea, but, instead of cooking, put to dry at once in cool oven or on the range shelf. When dry, pulverize it.

Cracker or Crust Coffee

Toast bread crusts, either white or graham, or toast crackers by laying in the oven and allowing them to stay until of a rich brown, but do not burn. Then break in small pieces into a saucepan, cover with cold water, let come to a boil, and strain. Serve the coffee either hot or cold. Clear, or with cream or milk as desired.

Cereal Tea

Brown corn, rice, wheat, or barley same as coffee, and pound or grind. To make the drink, use two table-spoonfuls of either cereal desired in a cup of cold water, let boil five minutes. Serve either hot or cold, with or without sugar or cream.

Sea Moss Jelly

One-half cup of moss. Irish moss and Iceland moss are both often used for invalids. To prepare either of these, wash well, free from objectionable parts, and put to soak in cold water. After half an hour, put to cook, using the water in which it was soaked, and enough more to make three cups of boiling water, or milk may be used. Cook until the moss is mostly dissolved, and a little of the liquid cooled will thicken like jelly. Serve with lemon juice or cream to relieve the taste a little and make more palatable.

Raw Beef Sandwiches

Use round beef steak, scraped with a knife, seasoned or not, as desired. Spread between very thin slices of stale bread.

Wild Birds

Cook in any manner desired. Usually only the breasts are used, as there is little meat on the other parts.

Beef Toast

Toast bread as for milk toast, lay on a warm plate, and moisten with beef broth or beef juice seasoned with salt.