To Cook Tomatoes

Lay ripe tomatoes in a pan, stem side up, and cover with boiling water, let stand an instant, drain off the hot water, and put cold water on them. Remove the skins, take out the cores, cut the tomatoes in pieces, and put to cook in a granite ware or porcelain kettle, and cook until well done. Season with salt, pepper, and butter, and add bread or cracker crumbs.

Or make White Sauce No. 1, and mix with the tomato by first putting a little of the tomato into the sauce, then pouring this into the kettle of tomatoes; stir well together and serve.

To Cook Turnips

Choose turnips of medium size, pare, cut in halves, and cook until tender in a small amount of boiling salted water. Allow the water to evaporate, mash the turnips, and add salt, pepper, butter, and a very little sugar., Or cut into small cubes before cooking, boil in mutton broth, and serve with boiled mutton.

To Cook Spinach

Look the spinach over, and remove all dead leaves and roots. Set a colander in a pan of water, put the spinach in it, and in this way wash it through several waters to remove all particles of sand or dirt. Put in a kettle on a cool part of the stove with no more water than clings to it. Let cook until tender, season with salt, pepper, and butter, and serve. Boiled eggs, sliced, may be served with it.

To Cook Hubbard Squash

The hard shell should be broken in pieces, and the seeds scraped out. First wash the outside of the squash and wipe before breaking. Steam the pieces until done, then take out the inside with a spoon, mash, and season with salt, pepper, and butter. Or break into pieces suitable for serving, and bake the squash in the oven, sprinkling salt and pepper over it when put to cook, and serve in the shell.

Summer Squash

Use while very young and tender. Wash clean, cut in slices, stew in very little water, and mash and season with salt, pepper, and butter. Many saute same as egg plant.

Green Corn

Remove husks and silks, and steam the corn, or cook in just enough boiling water to keep from burning, and serve on the ear. Corn may be cooked in the husk by leaving the fine inner covering, but there is no perceptible difference in the quality.

To Stew Green Corn

Remove husks and silks, and score each row of grains down the center with a sharp knife. Cut off a thin slice from the top of the grains, and with a .kitchen knife scrape out the contents. Cook in a small quantity of salted water, letting cook gently, keeping covered, and stirring occasionally. When done, season with salt, pepper, and butter. Cream is better than butter if you have it

Or, the corn may be partly cooked on the cob, cut off, seasoned with salt, pepper, cream, and a very little butter heated to the boiling point, and served.

To Steam Rice

Put over the fire in a double boiler three cups of milk or water, or of the two mixed. Put into it one tea-spoonful of salt. Look over one cup of rice, wash, put into the boiling liquid and cook, covered, without stirring, until the grains of rice are so soft as to be easily crushed between the thumb and finger. Take the cover off and let the rice dry a little. The grains will be distinct, and the rice palatable.