Put Two Tablespoons Of Butter Or Drippings In A Saucepan And Brown Until Dark, But Do Not Burn It

Add one tablespoon flour, stir and brown again. Add two cups good stock (beef is best); season with salt and pepper. Cook one pint fresh shelled beans in salted water until tender. Add one cup of cooked rice: then add the sauce, and cook one minute longer. Gravy can be used in place of the stock. If gravy is used, butter or dripping should be left out. In food value this dish takes the place of both meat and potatoes.

Lentils And Rice. (See page 30.)

Lentils And Rice Croquettes. (See page 30.) Curried Tomatoes And Rice 1 qt. stewed tomatoes or 1 qt. - can of tomato pulp 1 cup boiled rice

1 teaspoon curry-powder Salt to taste

Add the curry-powder and salt to the tomatoes; mix well. Put a layer of the tomatoes in the bottom of a baking-dish, then a layer of the rice, then a layer of tomatoes, and so on until all is used, having the last layer tomatoes; sprinkle the top over with bread crumbs and bake in a moderate oven for a half hour. Serve in the dish in which it was baked.