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Food Science Books

Books on the science of food preparation and its storage.

-Elements Of The Theory And Practice Of Cookery
Recipes making quantities suitable for a small family are given, as being the most practicable from all points of view. The individual recipe is not adapted to home use, nor is it so easy to multiply as it is to divide the ordinary recipe to make the latter meet the requirements of individual practice.
-Handbook Of Household Science | by Juniata L. Shepperd
This text will be found useful in the class room, and it will also serve as a manual for the housewife in the farm home. It treats of the philosophy of cooking. It gives directions for preparing and serving many of the substantial, and some embellishing, dishes. It treats of the kitchen and dining room, and gives suggestions on their furnishing and care.
-The Home Science Cook Book | by Mary J. Lincoln and Anna Barrows
The aim of this book is not to answer, the question "what" as to choice of foods, nor "why" certain processes have been adopted as best suited to their preparation for the table, but it endeavors to tell "how" to put materials together to produce results pleasing to the eye and palate and nourishing to the body. The choice of foods may be considered in another handbook, but this one is distinctly a cook-book. Cook-books of the past contained recipes for coloring fabrics, healing diseases, for cleaning, for pickling and preserving, yet little by little these processes have become trades, and have departed or are gradually going from under the home roof, probably never to return. The art of cooking still remains, and since the introduction of the chafing-dish and the gas stove is receiving new attention.
-Food And Feeding | by Henry Thompson
In the present and enlarged edition I have attempted to classify the various processes employed in cookery and its staple products in a more complete and natural order than heretofore, and to explain more fully the principles on which they are employed, the objects aimed at, and the rationale of each procedure.
-Food Facts For The Home-Maker | by Lucile Stimson Harvey
This book is intended to be a help to the young housekeeper who is starting out in the new home without either a knowledge of science or the technical training which could help her. This is more often the case of the girl who has been to college and has devoted her time to other subjects outside the home, so that she starts in handicapped on the business of home-making, than it is the case of her sister who has stayed at home and has been trained there by her mother. The book is also intended to help those women who have kept house for years and who are excellent cooks and careful planners. It should give a scientific foundation to their technical skill, showing them the reasons why they have been doing certain things all their lives, and perhaps showing them ways in which they may shorten processes and thus save time and energy.
-A Textbook Of Domestic Science For High Schools | by Matilda G. Campbell
This textbook has been compiled in response to an ever increasing demand from instructors of Domestic Science for a book which can be placed in the hands of the student to use as a laboratory manual in the school, and as a practical cookbook in the home.
-First Lessons In The Principles Of Cooking | by Lady Barker
The day has come in English social history when it is absolutely the bounden duty of every person at the head of a household - whether that household be large or small, rich or poor - to see that no waste is permitted in the preparation of food for the use of the family under his or her care. I am quite aware that such waste cannot be cured by theories, and that nothing except a practical acquaintance with the details of household management, supplemented by a conviction of the necessity of economy, can be expected to remedy the evil. At the same time, it is possible that ignorance of the fundamental principles of the chemical composition and of the relative nutritive value of the various sorts of food within our reach, added to the widespread ignorance of the most simple and wholesome modes of preparing such food, may be at the root of much of that waste.
-Experimental Cookery From The Chemical And Physical Standpoint | by Belle Lowe
The principal function of this volume is to present our newer knowledge of food preparation and cookery processes from a chemical and physical basis, particularly that of colloid chemistry. In doing this, many results secured from experimental work along these lines at Iowa State College have been included. A condensed arrangement of the data on cookery, which are found in widely scattered sources, has been included also.
-Food Study | by Mabel Thacher Wellman
A Textbook In Home Economics and Cooking For High Schools
-Hints To Housewives On How To Buy, How To Care For Food
Meats, Drippings and Butter Substitutes, Fish, Vegetables, Cereals, Bread, How to Use Left-overs, How to Make Soap, Fireless Cooker, Canning Fruits and Vegetables, How to Preserve Eggs
-Eating To Live | by John Janvier Black
As to eating and drinking, the majority of human beings are much like sheep. Sheep have no idea of the points of the compass; they have not the least idea of taking care of themselves. They follow any leader, any bell-wether, either to safety or to death, without any proper instinct of self-preservation. If my readers should follow the advice given in this book, and are thereby saved from some of the many pitfalls open to those who eat and drink from instinct rather than from reasoning, I shall be more than satisfied and more than gratified.
-A Laboratory Manual Of Foods And Cookery | by Emma B. Matteson
Teaching experience has shown the need of a textbook approaching the study of foods and cookery through experimental work in chemistry, bacteriology, and biology. In this book, therefore, under each topic a considerable number of experiments will be found. The performance of these experiments and the answering of the questions which arise from them will give the student a firsthand acquaintance with the leading characteristics of each kind of food, will furnish a basis for the discussion of the procedures used in cookery, and should give her such a grasp of the principles involved as will enable her to work without recipes, or to develop her own...
-Scientific Feeding | by Mrs. Dora C. C. L. Roper
This is a practical and hygienic cook book for all who consider life and health valuable. Intelligent homekeepers, nurses, managers of institutions and factories, all who are interested in furnishing the most nutritious food at the least cost, or wish to distribute such a work, will find this book worth its weight in gold.

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