No. 218. Masked Pears

6 stewing pears.

3/4 pint water.

1 egg.

6 tablespoons bread crumbs.

24 lumps sugar.

1 inch cinnamon stick.


1/2 ounce butter.

Make a syrup of the sugar and water, peel and hollow the pears (which must remain whole), place them in the syrup, and stew gently one hour or until tender; lift them out very carefully on to a plate and allow to cool. Fill them with jam, roll in egg and bread crumbs, place in a buttered dish, and bake for about twenty minutes. In the meantime, place the cinnamon in the syrup and boil until it is reduced, place the pears in a pretty dish, pour the syrup over them through a strainer, and allow to cool.

No. 219. Stewed Pears

1 dozen stewing pears. 1 quart water.

1/2 pound loaf sugar.

2 inches cinnamon stick.

Peel the pears carefully and remove the cores, but leave them whole. Dissolve the sugar in the water, using an enamelled stewpan, place the pears in this and allow to simmer for two hours, keeping the lid on. Remove the stewpan from the fire, and stand it on one side without the lid until the pears are perfectly cold, then carefully lift them out (they should be a beautiful red colour) into a glass dish. Strain the syrup into a small stewpan, boil over a good heat for about fifteen minutes (watching it carefully the latter portion), reduce to three tablespoons, pour over the pears, and allow to thoroughly cool before serving.