There is perhaps no fruit more highly recommended than the grape. One says: "It is safe to say that the juice of no other fruit or vegetable so strikingly resembles blood in its composition as the unfermented juice of grapes."

Another: "Grapes eaten exclusively for several days bring about wonderful results in the system. From one to two pounds should be consumed daily at first, gradually increasing to eight or ten pounds.'

The "grape cures" in France and Germany are too well known to require mention. There is said to be "a life giving principle in grapes which builds tissue and stimulates the sympathetic nervous system."

These quotations apply particularly to fresh grapes. Cooked grapes and juice do not agree with every one,

To Pack Grapes

Take the late grapes, pick them carefully, spread them in a cool place in layers on shelves, let them remain two weeks, then pack in barrels with dry hard-wood sawdust. Bran will answer very well. Packed in this manner the fruit will keep good through the winter it is said. After packing, grapes should be kept in a cool, dry place.