No other way of preparing the potato renders it so mealy and digestible as proper baking. Wash and scrub the potatoes thoroughly without breaking the skins, lay them on the grate of a moderately hot oven without touching each other, so that there will be a free circulation of heat around each potato. When the oven is too hot, potatoes will be soggy and indigestible. Bake until just done; do not try with a fork but by pressing with the thumb and finger. When done, serve at once in an uncovered dish, or lay a napkin in a deep dish and fold over the potatoes. The most perfect way to serve a baked potato is to work it between the folds of a towel in the hand without breaking the skin until soft and mealy all through. Lay each potato on the grate again until all are done. Potatoes may be broken apart in the center and a sprig of parsley laid in when serving on an invalid's tray or to individuals, but all must be done quickly, as a few moments' delay after the potato is done will spoil its lightness.

If for any reason baked potatoes must be kept waiting, wrap them in a thick towel and lay in a warm place. When in a hurry for baked potatoes, pour boiling water over them just before laying them in the oven.

Some think potatoes are whiter and more mealy if boiled until nearly done and then finished in the oven.

Perhaps the most perfect way of baking potatoes is to lay them on a wire stand in a close covered kettle without any water, over a moderate fire.