Leave out a few small berries or cut some of the smaller ones in halves or quarters and set one side. Save also some of the largest and cut into halves, or leave whole with the stems on. Put a little butter into a granite pan, add berries with not too much sugar and a little salt. Crush over the fire with wire potato masher just enough to make juicy. Mix well with butter, stir carefully until just warm. Add small berries, spread crusts, place whole berries, or cut halves cut side up, on top. Serve shortcake at once on dessert tray or platter with a cluster of ferns or geranium or other green leaves at the side.

Or, cut berries in small pieces just before serving, sprinkle crust with sugar mixed with a trifle of salt. Cover with berries and sprinkle with sugar, lay on upper crust and cover the same.

Or, chop not crush berries with sugar and serve with sweetened juice of berries or with crushed strawberries sweetened, to be dipped over each slice as served.


Red or black-Prepare and serve same as strawberries.


Stew berries with sugar and water, add a little lemon juice, a trifle of salt and thicken a little, hardly enough to know they are thickened, with corn starch.


Cut into eighths or slice, fresh ripe peaches just before serving. Lay them over thin crusts and sprinkle with sugar. Arrange pieces around the outside edge of the top crust and serve with nut or dairy cream.

Or, stew halves of peaches in syrup, thicken syrup a little with corn starch and add a bit of butter, lay peaches inside up, on crusts and pour juice over. Juice may be delicately flavored with almond. A little lemon juice may be added.


Prepare the same as peaches.


Soak over night, add 1-1 1/2 cup sugar to 1 lb. of fruit, heat slowly, just boil, remove fruit and spread over cakes, leaving 1 qt. of juice. To this add 1/2 cup of sugar and thicken with 4 level tablespns. corn starch. Add 1 tablespn. lemon juice and if desired, 2 tablespns. butter. Pour over shortcake, or preferably serve with it.


Stew prunes with a little sugar, stone, cut into small pieces and spread on crust; thicken juice a trifle and turn over all. Prune shortcake is delicious served with almond cream or covered with whipped cream. A little lemon juice may be added to the prunes.


Split and butter crust; spread thick with honey, serve hot.


Cook maple syrup and butter or cream together and serve warm over crust.

Canned fruits of nearly all kinds may be used in the winter for shortcakes by thickening the juice a little with corn starch.