Nut Cannelon

1/2 pint pecans or English walnuts

1/2 pint hominy grits

1 pint milk

1 teaspoonful salt

1 saltspoonful pepper

4 tablespoonfuls bread crumbs

1 hard-boiled egg

Cover the hominy with the milk and soak twenty minutes; cook in a double boiler for one hour. Take from the fire, add the chopped nuts, egg, breadcrumbs and all the seasoning. This mixture should be sufficiently dry to form nicely into a roll six inches long and about four inches in diameter. Roll in oiled paper and bake in a moderate oven half an hour, basting once or twice with a little butter. Serve with English drawn butter or white sauce.

Banana Cannelon

6 ripe bananas

1/2 pint peanuts or English walnuts

1/2 pint water

4 tablespoonfuls cornstarch

1 teaspoonful salt

Put the nuts through the meat-grinder; mash the bananas; add the nuts, the water in which you have moistened the cornstarch, and the seasoning. Pour this mixture into pound baking-powder cans; stand in boiling water; boil continuously for three hours. When done, let them stand for about ten minutes, turn them out and serve with white sauce or English drawn butter.