There are very many ways of serving watermelon. As it is one of the subacid fruits it should be made very cold before serving. The old-fashioned way of cutting it into slices or into quarters was cumbersome and rather inelegant. One of the daintier ways is to cut thick slices from both ends of the watermelon, stand it on a round dish and send it to the table. Serve by scooping out large pieces with a tablespoon.

Perhaps the prettiest way of all is to peel off all the skin and the white portion. Make the watermelon into a solid pink ball; stand this on a platter, garnish the dish with rose-leaves and send it to the table. Or fill the platter with finely cracked ice, press the melon down in the ice, then garnish over the ice with roses on long stems. To serve, cut into slices, then into quarters.

Another pretty way is to cut the watermelon into slices and each slice into quarters; trim off the rind and the white portion; stand these pieces, points up, in a shallow cut-glass dish, using enough cracked ice to keep them cold and in position.