Over west and east Europe the linden (Tilia Europea) is a favorite tree for avenues, streets, shade, and in park grouping. But this European species in the States has been troubled with borers, leaf-blight, and other diseases. But the American species {Tilia Americana) is a clean, healthy tree much used for avenue and street trees and also for park groups. Downing says of it: "One of the most beautiful trees. Its head forms a fine pyramid of verdure."

In the park system of Minneapolis, Minnesota, it has been much used for avenues, streets, and in park groups. When transplanted with high stem the south side is apt to be sun-scalded before the spreading of the top can shade it. Hence it is usually wrapped with gunny sacking or hay ropes when set out to protect the stem.

In western New York several varieties of the European linden are used in ornamental planting with good effect, such as the white-leaved, weeping, golden-barked, and cut-leaved, but they only succeed locally and are not hardy in the West.