The red native varieties were in cultivation quite generally long prior to the advent and culture of the Blackcaps. It is very similar in plant and fruit to the varieties of the European species, and some of its varieties are about equal to the best European ones in quality but not in size.

Only the varieties are included that are being propagated and grown at this time, so far as known to the writer.


Medium in size, roundish; color red. Flesh soft, juicy, very good. Said to be very hardy. Canada.


Medium, roundish conical; color red or scarlet. Flesh firm for the class; quality good. Popular for marketing in several States. Delaware.

Coutant (Coutant Seedling)

As large as Cuthbert; color bright red. Flesh firm, and said to be an excellent shipper. Propagated in New York.

Crimson Beauty

Large, round to oblong; color glossy scarlet; quality good. Season, early. A Kansas variety that does well in the dry air of the West when intermingled with other varieties, as it seems to be deficient in pollen.

Cuthbert (Quinby's Favorite)

Large, roundish, or obtuse conical; color scarlet crimson. Flesh quite firm, juicy, mild subacid, refreshing, with trace of wild red flavor. Popular for home use and market in many States. New York.

Raspberry: Cuthbert

Cuthbert. Golden Queen.

Golden Queen

Medium to large, roundish conical; color yellow. Flesh soft, juicy, sweet; quality nearly best. Popular east of lakes and in all rather mild climates. A sport of the Cuthbert. New Jersey.


Medium, roundish; color red, with some bloom. ' Flesh soft, subacid, pleasant, good. Season, early. New Jersey.'


Large, roundish; color dark red. Flesh firm, juicy, with rich flavor, very good. One of the hardiest of its class. Iowa.


Medium, roundish conical; color bright red. Flesh firm, juicy, good to very good. Much like Kenyon. A promising new variety that is proving very hardy. Wisconsin.


Large, roundish conical; color crimson. Flesh quite firm, juicy, and good. Popular market variety. New York.

Meredith Queen

Size medium; color orange yellow. A yellow or amber-colored variety of the American red species. Not specially valuable, but of interest as it is the only yellow variety of the species yet reported. New York.


Large, roundish; color bright crimson, which is retained 1 in market. Flesh firm, juicy sprightly; quality very good. Popular in Delaware and in southwestern States. Delaware.


Large, firm, juicy; color dark red. Season, rather late. A productive variety in Kansas and where tested. Kansas.



Large, red, firm-fleshed; quality very good. Season, long. In mild climates in Middle States very productive. At the Geneva New York Station one of the best bearers of this class. New Jersey.

Royal Church

Very large; color dark crimson. Flesh quite firm; quality very good. An Ohio variety, now highly prized for market and home use in Ohio, New Jersey, and other southeastern States.

Thompson (Thompson's Early Prolific)

Size medium; color bright crimson. Flesh quite firm; quality very good. Season, very early. Grown in Ohio, and it does well in the South. Ohio.

Raspberry: Thompson



Large, ovate conical; color bright red, with slight bloom or pubescence. Flesh reddish, rather firm, subacid, good. Missouri.


Medium, roundish conical; color bright scarlet. Flesh soft, sweet, rich, best in quality. Grown for home use and near market. Illinois.


Large, bright red. Flesh firm; quality good. Resembles the Thwack, but it is more vigorous in habit and better in quality. Popular in Ohio, where it is grown commercially; it is also prized in New Jersey, where it seems to have originated.