Apple Variety: Alexander


Of Russian origin; tree vigorous, spreading, productive. In the West it is now largely supplanted by its Wisconsin seedling, the Wolf River. Fruit very large, regular, conical; surface greenish yellow, faintly streaked with red on shaded side, but orange on the sunny side, almost wholly covered with bright crimson stripes and splashes, a showy fruit; dots obscure, few, minute, gray; cavity regular, deep, with trace of russet; stem short knobbed at base; basin narrow, abrupt, slightly corrugated; calyx open. Core open; cells ovate, slit; tube conical; stamens basal; seeds short, plump; flesh yellowish white, crisp, tender and juicy, with a rather pleasant flavor, good. October to December.


Origin, Russia. Tree very hardy, but fruit too small for mild climates. Several varieties received from Russia prove to be so nearly identical that only one is regarded as necessary in fruit lists to represent the group. The Russian Apple Nomenclature Commission* adopted the following description. (See also Blue Anis.)

Size 4 to 5; form roundish oblate, angular; color light green, striped with red in sun; cavity broad, deep; stem short; basin broad, irregular, angular; calyx medium, closed. Core open; flesh tender, juicy, greenish white, with dark green water line around core; flavor agreeable, mild acid; season September and October; origin, Russia; tree medium upright; fruit drops easily."

*Appointed by the State Horticultural Societies of Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and South Dakota. Meeting held at La Crosse, Wis., Aug. 30, 31, 1898.


Origin, Russia; tree a strong grower in nursery and orchard; the beautiful color of the fruit attracts favorable attention.

Apple Variety: Anisim


Fruit below medium, roundish conical, slightly angular; surface greenish yellow, covered almost wholly with a beautiful dark crimson, with heavy blue bloom; dots white, minute; cavity regular, acute, usually slightly russeted; stem medium; basin narrow, very shallow, corrugated, sometimes flat; calyx closed. Core closed, clasping; tube short, broad; stamens median; flesh greenish white, with green veins, good. Early winter.


Origin, Russia; the leading commercial apple of southern Russia. Fruit desirable but tree blights in some localities.

Apple Variety: Antonovka


Fruit large, roundish, irregular, obscurely angular; surface yellow; dots minute, raised, white, suffused; cavity deep, regular, with radiating often large patch of russet; stem medium; basin abrupt, corrugated, or wavy; calyx closed. Core closed; cells ovate, slit; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds numerous, small, pointed, plump; flesh yellow, juicy, sprightly, spicy, subacid, good. October.