Origin, Dedham, Massachusetts; tree vigorous, upright, spreading, productive.

Apple Variety: Benoni

Fruit medium, roundish oblate, somewhat conical, obscurely angular; surface rich yellow with a crimson cheek, with distinct broken dark crimson stripes and splashes, marbled and shaded on sunny side; dots distinct, bright, numerous, minute, white; cavity regular, acute, deep, slightly russeted; stem short, slender; basin quite deep, abrupt, nearly smooth; calyx closed; segments divergent. Core closed, small, meeting; cells obovate, axile, slit; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds plump, some abortive; flesh very yellow with orange veinings, tender, delicate, juicy, pleasant, spicy subacid, perfumed, very good. August.


Origin supposed to be Virginia; tree of moderate vigor, productive.

Fruit medium, roundish, truncated, slightly flattened, sometimes a little oblique or unequal; surface pale, yellowish green, shaded, mixed, striped and splashed with pale red; dots few, minute, light brown; cavity r3gular, deep, acute; stem long, slender, curved; basin large, abrupt, deep, corrugated; calyx large, closed, or partially open; segments medium length, erect, sometimes a little reflexed. Core small, regular, closed; seeds many, plump, long; flesh fine, yellowish white, compact, sweet, somewhat honeyed flavor, very good. Late winter and will keep sound during the following summer.


Origin, Bethel, Vermont; tree a strong grower.

Fruit large, roundish oblate, slightly irregular and angular, surface greenish yellow, heavily splashed and shaded with carmine with considerable bloom; dots many, greenish yellow and russet, distinct; cavity usually deep, medium width, slightly russeted; stem medium, slender; basin shallow, narrow, nearly smooth; calvx half open.

Apple Variety: Bietigheimer


Core medium; flesh greenish white, with traces of pink, firm, juicy, mild subacid, good. November to late winter.

Bietigheimer (Red Bietigheimer)

Origin, Germany; a large and showy autumn apple, attaining enormous size. A specimen at the Pan-American Exposition from the State of Washington weighed 281/2 ounces. Tree a strong grower and of spreading habit; leaves large and shining; an abundant biennial bearer.

Fruit very large to enormous, roundish to roundish oblate, somewhat angular; surface smooth, whitish yellow, almost wholly covered with pale red, with a few obscure stripes and splashes; dots obscure, numerous, whitish; cavity wide, regular, rather shallow, obtuse, green, trace of russet; stem very short; basin narrow, slightly corrugated; calyx closed; segments flat, convergent. Core open, abaxile; cells ovate, widely slit; tube conical; stamens basal; flesh white, quite firm, juicy, brisk subacid, good. Use market and culinary. September.