Hewes (For Cider Only)

Origin, Virginia; very popular in the South for making cider, for which purpose it was thought to be unsurpassed ; tree a very heavy bearer.

Fruit about an inch and a half in diameter, round, somewhat flattened, regular; surface yellow, covered with mixed and striped dull purplish red; dots many, large, whitish; cavity deep, regular; stem long, slender, red; basin shallow; calyx small, closed. Core open, clasping; seeds large, pointed; flesh firm, fibrous, yellowish and greenish, juicy, acid, astringent, best for cider, also valued for mince-pies on account of the rich acid. November to January.

Hibernal (No. 378)

Origin, Russia. This variety represents what is probably the hardiest type of the Russian race of apples; there are several sorts closely resembling, or identical with, Hibernal; tree vigorous, very spreading, productive. The strong spreading growth makes it desirable as a stock for top-grafting.

Fruit large, irregular, roundish, often oblate, conical, skin thick; surface greenish yellow, with a dull bronze mixed red on sunny side with a few dull crimson splashes; dots white, minute, obscure, often some large russet dots; cavity regular, medium deep, with a large patch of russet radiating out irregularly over nearly the entire base, this is a marked characteristic; stem medium, often short; basin narrow, rather shallow, wrinkled; calyx half open or open. Core closed, meeting; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds few; flesh acid with some astringency, juicy, good for cooking. Late fall and early winter.

Apple Variety: Hibernal


Hightop Sweet (Sweet June)

Origin, Plymouth, Massachusetts; tree very upright, vigorous, and productive.

Fruit medium, or below, roundish, regular, somewhat truncated; surface very smooth, clear, light yellow, becoming unctuous, some times with faint bronze blush; dots many, obscure, minute, green; cavity regular, acute, deep, with thin stellate russet; stem medium; basin nearly smooth, abrupt, regular, rather shallow; calyx closed; segments erect convergent. Core closed; cells round, entire; calyx tube funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; seeds long, pointed, angular; flesh yellow, with yellow veinings, tender, moderately juicy, very sweet. Very good. June to August.


Origin, North Carolina.

Fruit medium, roundish oblate; surface yellow, shaded, splashed and striped with deep red. Flesh yellowish white, moderately juicy, crisp, rather rich, sweet, good. December to March.


Origin, South Carolina; tree upright, spreading, retaining foliage late.

Fruit medium, roundish, sometimes roundish oblate, slightly oblique; surface yellowish, mostly overspread, splashed, and striped with two shades of red; dots distinct, light, patches of russet; cavity large, thinly russeted; stem rather long; basin slightly furrowed; calyx open. Core small; flesh yellowish, rather firm, tender, juicy, rich subacid, very good. November to February.

Hopewell - See Monsees.