Origin unknown; some claim it for Alabama, others Georgia; tree a vigorous but straggling grower, very productive.

Fruit rather large, oblate conic; surface greenish yellow, striped and splashed with red, darkest on sun side; dots large, light; cavity deep, russeted; stem slender; basin slightly corrugated; calyx closed; segments long, slender; flesh whitish, tender, juicy, aromatic, acid; good. September, October.

Terry Winter

Origin, Clayton Co., Georgia, some twenty-five miles south of Atlanta; tree moderately vigorous, of rather slender open growth, with abundant healthy foliage; an early and heavy annual bearer. Prof. H. N. Starnes, of Georgia Experiment Station, reports it valuable for the South, owing to its very late keeping, good quality, and extreme productiveness; its faults are its want of size, produced by its tendency to overbear, and its too firm texture in early winter.

Fruit medium or below, oblate, regular; surface a clear light yellow, mostly covered with fine dark red, with carmine splashes and stripes; dots distinct, many, minute, yellow, some large russet dots; cavity regular, obtuse, often russeted; stem medium; basin smooth, wide, shallow or medium depth; calyx closed; segments flat convergent. Core closed; cells ovate, axile; tube funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; seeds few, short, plump; flesh yellow, fine-grained, firm, juicy, mild, pleasant, saccharine, subacid, very good. Late winter and spring, even keeping till July.

Tetofsky (Tetofski)

Origin, Russia; tree hardy, very upright, an early annual bearer. Dowling's spelling Tetofsky is usually preferred to Warder's version Tetofski.

Fruit medium or below, oblate to roundish oblate, somewhat conical, angular; surface smooth, yellow, striped and splashed with bright crimson, marbled and mixed on sunny side, overlaid with heavy whitish bloom, a handsome fruit; cavity wide, obtuse, regular; stem short to medium; basin shallow, much corrugated and ribbed; calyx closed; segments large. Core large, closed, clasping; cells obovate or round, slit; tube broad, long, funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds plump; flesh white, juicy, sprightly acid, good. August.

Apple Variety: Tetofsky


Titovka (Titus Riga)

Origin, Russia. A large, beautifully colored apple, following Oldenburg in season.

Fruit large, oblong, truncated, regular; surface smooth, very unctuous, yellow, mostly covered with fine marbled red, with carmine splashes and stripes; dots minute, white, obscure, few; cavity very deep, acute, yellow; stem very short; basin deep, very abrupt, with corrugations in bottom; calyx closed; segments small, erect convergent. Core wide open, sessile, clasping, roundish oblate; cells obovate, roomy, widely slit; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds few, short, plump, several minute imperfect seeds; flesh yellow, juicy, subacid, good. September, October.

Apple Variety: Titovka