White Pippin

Of unknown origin, popular at the West and Southwest. Of the Newtown Pippin class, and distinct from the Canada Reinette. Tree vigorous, upright, productive.

Fruit large, variable in form, roundish oblate, angular, slightly oblique, sometimes roundish oblong, flattened at ends; surface greenish white to pale yellow when ripe, waxen, sometimes with dull blush, before maturity the surface toward the base often shaded with pink or purple, with obscure wavy streaks or stripes of white; dots very minute, few, brown, with green bases; cavity wide, deep, wavy, lined with green and russet; stem short; basin deep, abrupt, furrowed; calyx small, nearly closed. Core small, closed, clasping; seeds many, angular, light brown, pointed; flesh yellowish white, tender, crisp, juicy, rich subacid to acid, very good. December to March.

Apple Variety: White Pippin

White Pippin.

Williams Favorite

Origin, Roxbury, Massachusetts; tree productive, requires a strong rich soil; an excellent market variety.

Fruit above medium, roundish oblong conic, slightly unequal; surface very smooth, yellow, almost or wholly covered with light and very dark purplish red, with numerous brilliant dark crimson stripes and splashes, a beautiful fruit; dots few, very minute; cavity wide, shallow, slightly russeted; stem medium to long, slender; basin shallow, wide, abrupt, corrugated; calyx closed; segments large, connivent. Core closed, barely clasping; cells round, slit; tube funnel-shaped; stamens marginal; seeds, not many, pointed, rather long; flesh yellowish white, often stained with red, tender, moderately juicy, mild, agreeable, aromatic subacid, good. July, August.

Apple Variety: Williams Favorite

Williams Favorite.

Apple Variety: Willow Twig

Willow Twig.

Willow Twig

Supposed origin, Virginia; tree a poor grower in nursery, in orchard vigorous, spreading, with slender drooping shoots, productive; blights in some localities; profitable for market in parts of the West.

Fruit large, roundish, regular, flattened at ends, somewhat cylindrical; surface smooth, somewhat polished, dull light greenish yellow, obscurely marbled, striped and mottled with dull red; dots many, minute, gray and russet; cavity narrow, acute, sometimes lipped; stem medium to rather long, slender; basin wide, deep, abrupt, with obtuse rim, somewhat corrugated; calyx closed or half open. Core medium, closed, meeting; seeds many, plump; flesh yellowish green, firm, juicy, pleasant subacid, good only. Late winter and spring.

Windsor (Windsor Chief)

Origin, Wisconsin; tree very productive and an early bearer. One of the hardiest of the Wisconsin winter seedlings. Fruit hangs well to the tree in high winds.

Apple Variety: Windsor


Fruit medium, oblate, slightly conical and angular; surface somewhat unctuous, smooth, light greenish yellow, mostly covered with mixed and marbled dull red, indistinctly splashed, rarely striped, with crimson; dots many, large, gray, coalescent, some surrounded with russet; cavity wide, obtuse, regular, russeted, sometimes rather shallow; stem medium to long, slender; basin abrupt, rather narrow, smooth; calyx closed; segments small, connivent. Core small, closed, clasping; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds small, elongated, light brown; flesh whitish yellow, firm, fine-grained, somewhat spicy, pleasant subacid, very good. December to spring.

Wine (Hays; Pennsylvania Red Streak). - Origin, Delaware; tree very large, spreading, very open, with small, curled, mealy leaves, displaying the heavy crops of fruit to good advantage.

Fruit rather large, roundish, truncated, regular, rarely unequal, and inclined; surface smooth, yellow, mostly covered with bright mixed deep red, with crimson stripes; dots large, gray, few; cavity deep, regular, acute, with stellate russet; stem short, thick; basin rather shallow, wide, nearly smooth, abrupt; calyx open; segments divergent. Core closed, small, turbinate, meeting; cells obovate, entire; tube funnel-shaped; stamens median; seeds large, plump, not many; flesh yellowish white, firm, juicy, crisp, rich, pleasant subacid, good to very good. Midwinter.