Bunch medium, compact, shouldered; berry small to medium, black, with blue bloom. Flesh juicy, sprightly, good when fully ripe. Of Clinton type, mainly used in wine-making. New York. Riparia.

Barry (Rogers' No. 43)

Bunch medium, compact, shouldered, but it is wider than long; berry large, round; color black, with blue bloom. Flesh tender, juicy, sweet, pleasant; quality good; ripens with Concord. Requires mixed planting. Massachusetts. Hybrid.


Bunch large to very large, roundish, often branched, usually quite compact; berry large, black, with slight bloom. Flesh firm, meaty, juicy, sprightly; quality very good. Grown to best advantage in dry climates in the Southwest, where it does not mildew or rot. Does best with mixed planting. Hybrid. Texas.


Bunch large, roundish, often shouldered, quite compact; berry large, black, with heavy white bloom. Flesh juicy, sprightly, tender; quality better than good. One of Munson's hybrids; popular Southwest, and grown profitably in Missouri and South Illinois. Does best with mixed planting. Texas.


Bunch medium, compact, shouldered; berry of size and color of Catawba, oblong, well covered with lilac-colored bloom. Flesh sweet, tender, delicious. In Georgia claimed to be as good in quality as Delaware, and Hussman, of California, sustains this opinion. A cross between Delaware and Maxatawney. Missouri.


Bunch medium to large, cylindrical, shouldered, quite compact; berry medium size, round, black, with light blue bloom. Flesh quite tender, greenish, sweet, juicy; quality good. Season, early September in Michigan and Ohio. Of the Hartford type, but better in quality. Labrusca.


Bunch medium, round, compact; berry round, dark wine color. Flesh juicy, vinous, rich, tender, very good. A cross between Clinton and Delaware much grown in Maryland and Southeast to Georgia. Georgia.


Bunch medium to large, compact, shouldered; berry medium to large, round; skin green and yellow. Flesh quite firm, meaty, juicy, sweet, with slight trace of muskiness, but it makes fine white wine and is very good for dessert or market. Illinois.

Black Eagle

Bunch large, long, shouldered, not very compact; berry roundish oval, black, with some blue bloom. Flesh greenish, vinous, high-flavored, with tender pulp, but not very juicy. Does well in Michigan, also East and South to Maryland. New York. Hybrid.

Black Defiance

Bunch large to very large; berry larger than Concord, black, with fine bloom. Flesh sweet, vinous, juicy, good to very good. Season, three weeks later than Concord. Only grown where Catawba and Herbemont ripen properly. Profitable South. New York. Hybrid.


Bunch medium to large, shouldered - sometimes doubly - quite compact; berries medium to large; color when ripe dark crimson or brownish red. Flesh rich, sweet, refreshing, with tender flesh to the center, very good to best. Requires mixed planting. New York. Hybrid.


Bunch large, conical, shouldered, quite compact; berry medium to large, roundish; color brownish black. Flesh sweet, juicy, vinous, with very tender pulp; quality very good; ripens in advance of Concord. A new hybrid variety that has advanced rapidly across the States. Texas.

Grape: Brighton. (Reduced)

Brighton. (Reduced).