The term game applies to certain wild animals and birds pursued for sport, and the killing or even pursuit of them regulated by the Game Laws. But in a popular sense many wild animals and birds are regarded as game, although not so designated in the Acts, and some, such as the landrail, snipe and woodcock, cannot be legally shot without a game licence. Those of these so-called game that are wholly dependent upon Nature for subsistence have been included in the preceding pages. Under game, therefore, will be embraced other wild animals and birds not strictly that, although protected by law, mainly for affording sport and also food, etc., to the nation. Thus, in this connexion, reference is made to game reared, fed, and outside, as well as within the respective coverts, feeding on cultivated crops or produce of land which is suitable for afforestation, agricultural, and horticultural cultivation, according to location, and soil adaptation.