Taking the colours all in all, white is undoubtedly the most popular, and enormous quantities of white-flowered plants must be grown to meet the ever-increasing demand. Amongst the most important plants used for a supply of white flowers to the florists the following may be mentioned: Lily of the Valley; Lilium longiflorum (Harrisi); Lilium speciosum or lancifolium album; Eucharis grandiflora; Camellias; Tuberoses (Polianthes); Freesia refracta alba; Tulip, La Reine; Roman Hyacinths; Florists' Hyacinth, La Grandesse; Gladiolus Colvillei, The Bride; Stephanotis; Lapageria alba; Bouvardia; Rose, Niphetos; Gardenias; Carnations; Phlox; Chrysanthemums; Dahlias; China Asters; Stocks; Azaleas; Pink, Mrs. Simkins and Her Majesty; Zonal Pelargonium Hermione (double); Gloxinias; Snowdrops; Paper-white Narcissus; Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum); Odontoglossum crispum; Christmas Roses (Helleborus niger); Arum Lilies (Richardia); Hoteia (Spiraea) japonica; Gypsophila paniculata and G. elegans; Achillea, The Pearl; Sweet Peas; Spanish Iris; Florentine Iris; Paeonies; Phalo3nopsis grandiflora, amabilis, Riemstedtiana, etc.

Apart from white, flowers of all other colours are utilized in great abundance, and the principal kinds used may be noted as follows: Roses of all kinds; Violets, double and single; Carnations - Perpetual and Border varieties; Daffodils and Narcissi; Tulips; Hyacinths; Gladiolus; Dahlias; Chrysanthemums; Phlox; Forget-me-nots; Zonal Pelargonium Raspail, double scarlet; Orchids such as Cattleyas, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, Odonto-glossums, Laslias, and Phalsenopsis.