Anthuriums, like Alocasias, are chiefly grown for their ornamental foliage, some of the best kinds for this purpose being crystal-linum, magnificum, Warocqueanum, and Veitchi - the latter being remarkable for its velvety deep-green and wrinkled leaves 3-4 ft. long. The most popular for market purposes, however, are A. Scherzerianum and A. Andreanum, both having brilliant scarlet spathes. The first-named is most popular because it is more easily grown and raised. It is known as the "Flamingo Plant", and is a native of Costa Rica. Numerous seedling forms are now in existence, varying in colour from almost pure white, as in album, to the deepest crimson scarlet, many varieties having the spathes beautifully mottled with white. In the variety Rothschild-ianum the spathes are white mottled with red. A. Lindeni is a tall-growing white-spathed plant having large heart-shaped leaves, and many hybrid forms have been raised by crossing it with A. Andreanum and A. Scherzerianum. Anthuriums require stove treatment, and flourish in a compost of loam and peat with a little chopped sphagnum moss and a few nodules of charcoal. The atmosphere should be kept humid yet buoyant during active growth, and plenty of water or copious syringing is also necessary. Stock is raised from seeds sown when ripe, and by dividing the tufts.