This is certainly the most graceful of all the Araucarias, and although it attains a height of 100 ft. and more in its native habitat, it is admirably adapted for pot culture in a small state, and thousands are now grown every year in 5-in. and 6-in. pots, and even in larger sizes. The plants thrive in a fibrous yellow loam with a sprinkling of sand and some leaf mould, and require only a greenhouse temperature when established. They are raised from cuttings having about two whorls of branches. These are inserted in rich gritty soil with bottom heat and are kept close and somewhat shaded till rooted, after which they are potted up singly and grown on for sale. Plants in 5-in. pots realize from 18s. to 21s. There are now varieties of golden hue, and also one called "Silver Star" with silvery-tipped branchlets (fig. 260).

Araucaria excelsa.

Fig. 260. - Araucaria excelsa.