In the choice of receptacles there is no room for a second thought, the boxes proving to be a veritable multum in parvo in the case, the more so where they at all approach a uniform size throughout. In this direction the herring or bloater box finds considerable favour - it is of convenient size and depth, and easily moved about. Such a box would hold of the variety poeticus ornatus about 8 dozen bulbs, of Golden Spur or Emperor about 4 dozen bulbs, and of a moderate-sized bulb - like that of the Tenby Daffodil (Narcissus obvallaris) - about 6 dozen bulbs. Where such boxes are not available others of a convenient size may be had to order, those of 16 in. by 12 in. by 4 in., all inside measurements, being found to answer well. The value of these light-made boxes, despite the fact that with heat and moisture they quickly decay, is that they are great economizers of space, and by their use it is possible to get 100,000 or 150,000 bulbs, dependent on the variety, into a house 100 ft. in length.