Of the thirty species known, only two are favoured for market, viz. C. Weddelliana and C. plumosa. The first-named is grown in thousands from seeds, and has been a favourite for many years owing to its light and graceful appearance, and to the fact that pretty plants can be raised for sale in about eighteen months. Plants in 3-in. pots sell for 6s. to 12s. a dozen, while larger specimens fetch from 2s. 6d. to 10s. 6d. each. Fully grown specimens rarely exceed 6 ft. in height. Cocos plumosa has made its way as a market and a furnishing Palm of late years owing to its graceful feathery appearance. It grows much larger than C Weddelliana.

Cocos Weddelliana.

Fig. 291. - Cocos Weddelliana.