This - the Fraxinella, Dittany, or Burning Bush is a pretty bushy plant 2-3 ft. high, having serrated leaflets and trusses of pale lilac-rose blossoms distinctly feathered and veined with purple. The white-flowered variety - alba - is very pretty. The plants flourish in ordinary good garden soil, and may be increased by root cuttings inserted in gentle heat in spring; by careful division of the rootstocks in autumn or spring; and by seeds, which, however, germinate slowly and erratically. The trade in this plant is confined to nurserymen, the prices varying from 6d. to 1s. each according to size and variety. As a pot plant it ought to sell fairly well in market, as many people would like it for experimenting with at nighttime. If a lighted match is applied on a dark night the volatile oil that is secreted from the stems and leaves will readily catch light, and justify the name of "Burning Bush" (fig. 195).

Dictamnus Fraxinella.

Fig. 195. - Dictamnus Fraxinella.