The bulbs and flowers of the Snowdrop are both good market commodities. In autumn the trade consists in selling thousands of bulbs, and in early spring thousands of bunches of the common single and double Snowdrop (G. nivalis) find their way to the markets, and then to the street sellers and florists' shops. The choicer kinds of Snowdrops, such as Alleni, cilicicus (fig. 201), Elwesi, Ikarioe, globosus, latifolius, and plicatus, sell chiefly in bulbs in autumn. They have larger blooms than the cornmon Snowdrop, but they are yet very numerous. All the kinds may be grown in well-drained garden soil in borders, rock gardens, between rows of fruit trees, etc, according to circumstances and the objects in view.

Galanthus cilicicus.

Fig. 201. - Galanthus cilicicus.