Apart from the Pampas Grass (Gynerium or Cortadeira), the Cock's-foot Grass (Dactylis), there are several kinds useful for cutting, and often employed with floral decorations. Among these are the Bunch Grass (Elymus arenarius); Cloud Grass (Agrostis nebulosa); the Waved Hair Grass (Aira flexuosa); the Sweet Vernal Grass (Anthoxanthum odoratum); the Quaking Grasses (Briza maxima, B. media, and B. minor), all easily recognized by their drooping spikelets with overlapping scales: the Brome Grass (Bromus brizceformis); Soft Grass (Holcus lanatus variegatus); the Sheep's Fescue (Festuca ovina); the Squirrel-tail Grass (Hordeum jubatum); the Feather Grass (Stipa pennata); Gardeners' Garters (Phalaris arundinacea variegata); the Hare's-tail Grass (Lagurus ovatus)', and others, all the annual kinds being easily grown and raised from seeds. Others are Apera arundinacea and Erianthus Ravennoe.