The two species, Belmoreana and Fosteriana, both from Lord Howe's Island, are more correctly known to botanists under the name of "Howea". Thirty years ago they were unknown to market-men, but now they are grown in hundreds of thousands. They are both graceful Palms, with arching pinnate deep-shining green leaves, and it requires some little care to distinguish one from the other. Of all Palms perhaps they will stand the roughest treatment, and if hardened off before sale will live for many years in the bleakest and draughtiest of rooms or halls. Plants in 3-in. pots sell for 4s. to 6s. per dozen, while those in 5-in. pots realize 12s. to 24s. per dozen; and larger specimens will fetch much higher prices.

Fig. 292.  Kentia Sanderiana.

Fig. 292. -Kentia Sanderiana.

Amongst the true Kentias mention should be made of K. Sanderiana (fig. 292), a very graceful Palm from New Guinea, and K. elegantissima, from the same place. The illustration shows the general appearance of K. Sanderiana.

Licuala grandis is a fine Palm with a slender stem and broad roundish plaited glossy-green leaves. It is better known in the trade under the name of Pritchardia. Large specimens are used occasionally for furnishing. L. elegans is a dwarf species of tufted habit.