The following are suitable varieties for market work, as they are free-flowering, with good stems and plenty of substance in the petals. No doubt the list might be largely increased, but these are good typical subjects for the purpose.

Kaiserin A. Victoria, white; Delice, rose pink; Jeanne Charmet, lilac pink; Papa Charmet, crimson; Constance, white shaded pink; Henry Patrick, white; Glare of the Garden, crimson scarlet; Electric, yellow tipped white; Ideal, bronzy yellow; Dainty, yellow overlaid pink; A. D. Stoop, rich crimson; Fred Grinstead, yellow, speckled red; Pink Pearl, rosy pink; Amos Perry, rich scarlet; Jeannette, red yellow; Countess of Lonsdale, salmon; Exquisite, apricot; Mary Service, heliotrope shaded yellow; Thos. Parker, orange; Britannia, soft salmon; Mme van der Dael, rosy pink; Grand Duc Alexis, white tipped heliotrope; Souv. de G Douzon, orange red; Yellow Colosse, bright yellow.

Any of the show and fancy and Pompon varieties afford good subjects for market work.