The garden kinds are now largely grown, and are the progeny of the Himalayan species argyrophylla and nepalensis. They all flourish in ordinary well-drained garden soil, and are increased by division and from seeds. There are several good species in cultivation, but they cannot compete in popularity with the brilliant single and double hybrid varieties of which the following is a selection: -

Yellow Flowered

Arc-en-ciel, Californie, chromatella, Drap d'Or, Fan-taisie, Golden Cup, Goldfinch (single), Gold Kugel, Gold Prince, Melpomene, Milton, Mont d'Or, Nerissa, Orphee, Phoebus, Van Dyck, Vase d'Or.

Red, Crimson, And Scarlet Flowered

Capella, Le Dante, Louis van Houtte, Madame Rouillard, Magnet (single), nigra plena, Ophir, sanguinea (single), Toussaint L'Ouverture, Vulcan, Zingari.

Various Colours (Red And Yellow)

Brunette, Don Quixote, Dr. Andre*, E. R. Cutler, Golconde, Lamarque, Le Vesuve, Milton, Panorama, William Rollisson, etc.