Though well-flowered, well-furnished plants sell readily, it is, generally speaking, as cut flowers that Abutilons are most remunerative. The plants are readily raised from cuttings kept close and in a gentle heat during the spring months. Shifted in time into 5-in. pots these plants may be grown outside during the summer months. As they come into flower they can then be disposed of, There being a fair demand for standard plants of all kinds, a few Abutilons grown in this way may prove very remunerative. As cut flowers there is a deal of the "cut and come again" character about Abutilons, In a temperature of 50° to 65° F, the Abutilons will bloom throughout the winter, particularly if the flowers are picked as they develop. The plants may be trained to a back wall, pillars, or on any spare portion of the roof. They grow freely, and an occasional stimulant is of great help to them. The selection of varieties is an important matter, as there are so many with flowers of a poor undecided tint which are practically useless from a commercial point of view. White flowers are always in demand, the best of this colour being the old Boule de Neige, while Golden Fleece is a good clear yellow. One of the best pinks is rosoeflorum, and of the reds Sanglant. The grower for market always needs to keep an eye on the vagaries of fashion, as colours popular one year may be almost unsaleable the next. Still, good whites and yellows may be grown with confidence. One of the best silver variegated kinds is Savitzi, and another is Souvenir de Bonn, while Thompsoni and vexillarium variegatum are amongst the best, with yellow mottled leaves. [w. t].