(Indoors): Major, Ard Righ, Obvallaris, Golden Spur, Henry Irving, Princeps, Horsfieldi, Empress, Victoria, Ornatus, Emperor, Sir Watkin, Barri conspicuus, with Almira, Dante, Cassandra, Horace, and Herrick of the newer poeticus race to follow. Of double-flowered varieties Von Sion, (or N. telamonius plenus) and Orange Phoenix and Sulphur Phoenix of the incomparabilis set.

For outdoor work the double Von Sion is not of much use though all others given above may be grown in quantity. In addition one might name Frank Miles, Beauty, Gloria Mundi, Madame Plemp, Madame de Graaf, Albatross, Seagull, Duchess of Westminster, and Mrs. Langtry. Excelsior is an improved Golden Spur, and later in flowering. Monarch is an improved Emperor. Too-much-alike varieties, as P. R. Barr to Emperor, Horsfieldi to Empress, are things to avoid. In certain instances Victoria, Empress, and Horsfieldi may all be grown, while generally the two first-named will meet every requirement in the earlier Ajax bicolors. Grandis, a late-flowering bicolor, might be grown for this reason alone, though not so extensively as the others. Selection and succession are the great points to aim at, and with these marketable flowers, flowers of distinction and merit. In short the Daffodil is still a profitable thing to grow, and the plant of which you can sell both top and bottom - bulb and flower - could hardly be otherwise. See "Narcissus", p. 73. [e. h. j].