A large Geometer Moth (fig. 376), 1 1/4 in. across the wings, creamy white, spotted with black and some yellow on wings and body. Appears in August and September, and lays yellow eggs on the Currant, Gooseberry, and Hazel leaves. The eggs soon hatch and the small dusky looper caterpillars that come from them live all through the winter amongst dead leaves, in holes in walls, etc. In spring they come out and commence to feed on the young leaves, and by the end of June or July have reached over 1 in. in length, when they are creamy white spotted with black and with orange side markings. They are looper larvae having only one pair of mid prolegs. When mature they spin a loose scanty cocoon and change to a black pupa with golden-yellow bands.

Treatment - Autumnal spraying with arsenate of lead to kill the young larvae. Winter spraying to clear away sheltering places with caustic soda or spring spraying with arsenate of lead.