Catillac (Fig. 354)

For a stewing variety this is one of the best. It grows to a great size; needs keeping till Christmas, but keeps well. Fruit very large, flatly top-shaped, at first pale green, becoming a beautiful bright lemon yellow, tinged with brownish red next the sun, and thickly studded with large brown russety dots.

Doyenne Du Cornice

This is perhaps for quality the best of all market pears. In Covent Garden it has been named " Angel's Food ". Its season is November. Though not a profuse bearer, this variety ought to find a place in the list, if the land will carry Pears at all (fig. 355). [w. g. l.]

Other good market -garden Pears are: -

Beurre Clairg'Eau

A handsome and showy pear, probably more suitable for stewing than dessert: in use during November. Fruit large, oblong obovoid, curved, smooth and shining lemon yellow, tinged with orange red next the sun, and heavily dotted and patched with thin russet, especially near the stalk. A very vigorous grower and great bearer.

Beurre Diel

A delicious pear, ripe in October and November. Fruit large obovoid, pale green at first, changing to yellow, dotted and marked with russet, succeeds best on the Quince stock as a bush. Against a wall it produces excellent fruit of the largest size.

Pear. Catillac. (1/2).

Fig. 354. - Pear. Catillac. (1/2).

Pear. Doyenne du Cornice. (1/2).

Fig. 355. - Pear. Doyenne du Cornice. (1/2).

Beurre Hardy

A fine highly perfumed pear, ripe in October. Fruit large and even, oblong-obovoid, shining yellowish green, thickly dotted with russet, and coated with brown round the stout fleshy stalk and large open eye. Bears heavy crops most seasons.

Beurre Superfln

One of the most delicious and juicy pears, ripe in September and October. Fruit above medium size, obovoid or top-shaped, somewhat uneven in outline, greenish yellow, becoming lemon yellow with maturity, and covered with thin patches and veins of cinnamon russet. The tree is not a large grower, but bears abundantly.

Easter Beurre (Fig. 356)

An excellent variety of high quality in warm rich soils and sunny situations. Fruit large, obovate, yellowish with russet, buttery, and richly aromatic. In season from January to March.

General Todleben

A fine distinct culinary variety when fully matured. Tree of medium strength, but prolific on the Quince. Fruit very large, long, and pyriform, yellow with russet, sweet, and with a pleasant aroma. In season from December to February.

Glou Morceau

A rich and delicious pear, in use from December to January. Fruit above medium size,obovoid, smooth, and somewhat irregular, yellowish with a little russet, and dotted (fig. 357).

Louise Bonne Of Jersey

A handsome juicy pear, ripe in October. Fruit medium, oblong obovoid, smooth, yellow on the shaded side, but crimson next the sun, dotted with crimson. In good seasons produces exceptionally fine crops.