Beurre D'Amanlis

A very prolific useful and early variety. Fruit large, pyriform, green and reddish brown. Juicy, sweet, and perfumed. In season in September.

Fig. 356. Pear. Easter Beurre. (1/2).

Fig. 356.-Pear. Easter Beurre. (1/2).

Pear. Glou Morceau. (1/2).

Fig. 357. - Pear. Glou Morceau. (1/2).

Marguerite Marillat (Tig. 358)

A variety of considerable merit: prolific and hardy. Fruit large pyriform, even, brightly coloured, and richly aromatic. In season in September. Grown largely in Jersey.

Marie Louise D'Ueele

A juicy and richly flavoured pear, ripe in the middle of October. Fruit rather large and handsome, obovoid, coated with pale cinnamon russet. Although not so fine as the old " Marie Louise", it is a superior cropper.

Doyenne Boussoch

A handsome pear, ripe in October, but should be picked early. Fruit very large, roundish obovoid, iemon yellow, covered with large, rough, russety dots; more highly flavoured fruits in southern parts of the kingdom.

Marie Louise

One of the finest and most richly flavoured pears., ripe in October and November. Fruit large, oblong obovoid, smooth, pale green, becoming yellow with maturity, and marked with thin brown russet. The tree is hardy and free growing, and when grown against a wall produces one of the finest pears known.

Souvenir Du Congres

An excellent, highly perfumed pear, ripe from the end of August and during September, and somewhat resembling 'Williams' Bon Chretien", from which it is a seedling. Fruit large, oblong obovoid, wavy in outline, thickly covered with smooth cinnamon-brown russet, with here and there patches of yellow, and streaks of bright crimson flushed with brown on the sunny side.

Fondante D'Automne

A deliciously juicy pear, ripe in September and October. Fruit large, obovoid, lemon yellow tinged with green, and flaked with pale-brown russet. An excellent variety on Pear or Quince stock, and suitable for market gardens and orchards in southern localities.

Citron Des Carmes (Or Madeleine)

A valuable early pear, ripe in July and August in the south. Fruits small to medium, roundish or obovoid, yellowish, sugary. Tree hardy and prolific.

St. Swithins

An early pear, ripe in July and early August. Fruit below medium size, obovoid, grass green, dotted and mottled with russet, faintly flushed on sunny side. Tender, juicy, and sweet, but not always fine-flavoured.

Pear. Marguerite Marillat. (1/2).

Fig. 358. - Pear. Marguerite Marillat. (1/2).