The Peach Scale (Lecanium Persicce)

This is usually found on peaches under glass, but now and then occurs out-of-doors. It also occurs on Apricot, Nectarine, and Vine, rarely on Plum.

The adult female insect is dusky yellow at one time, then becomes dark brown, pale in the middle with dark transverse bands, oval and hemispherical in form; later, she becomes reddish brown. Eggs are laid about the middle of May, and the larvae hatch under glass in mid-June. One female lays as many as 2000 eggs. No male is known in this country. The ova produce yellow to pale-red larvse which may become later greenish or pale red, and which emit very long line glass-like filaments from both ends. These wander about and at last fix upon a definite abode and grow into the adult female scale insects. They mainly occur on young wood, and there they produce discoloration and the shoots may die away.


Treatment consists of winter spraying with caustic alkali wash and spring treatment with paraffin emulsion.

Other Peach Pests

Winter Moth (Cheimatobia brumata), Peach Blossom Moth (Thyatira batis), Cushion Scale (Pulvinaria vitis), Peach Aphis (Aphis amygdali), Cherry Black Fly (Myzus cerasi), Red-legged Weevil (Otiorhynchus tenebricosus), Red Spider (Tetranychius telarius).

Ants and wood lice must be rigorously destroyed or they will damage much fruit. [f. v. t.]