This weevil also attacks other fruit, Hops, and pot plants. The beetles gnaw the buds, shoots, and leaves; and their footless, white larvae feed on the roots of bush fruit, Strawberries, Ferns, Hops, etc. The weevil is about 1/3 in. long, pitchy in colour, but covered with light-brown and ashy pubescence, which gives the elytra a tessellated appearance. The snout is short for a weevil. There are no wings. They appear in May and go on through the summer. The Otiorhynchus weevils hide away during the day under clods of earth, boards, stones, etc, and come out to feed at night. The larvae live over the winter in the soil, and when mature reach $ in. in length. They pupate in the soil and hatch in early March.

The beetles may be trapped by placing pieces of sacking about on the ground. They collect under this, and may be destroyed in daytime.