Fruit large, globular, depressed on the summit, sometimes rather pointed; pale-yellowish green, streaked and blotched red on the side next the sun; rich and excellent. Early September.


Fruit large, creamy, tinted with crimson. Ripe mid-September.

Prince Of Wales

Fruit varying much in shape; green, shaded with very bright red where exposed to the sun; good flavour Bears abundantly. Mid-September.

Princess Of Wales

Fruit very large, round, and pointed; pale cream with a rosy cheek; melting, juicy, rich, and excellent. Excellent for late supply. Late October.

Rivers's Early York

Fruit medium, ovoid; greenish white, deep red on the side next the sun, often much spotted and mottled on the shaded side; fairly rich flavour. Early or mid-August.

Royal George

Fruit large, globular; deep red next the sun, pale greenish white dotted with red on the shaded side. Late August.


Fruit large, round, flattish; greenish-yellow colour, darker on sunny side. Ripe end of October and early November.

Sea Eagle

Fruit very large, somewhat elongated; greenish-white, bright red where exposed to the sun; good flavour. An excellent Peach for a cool house, but not suitable for outside culture north of London. Late September.

Stirling Castle

Fruit medium, roundish; light, with a marbled-red cheek. A fine Peach, ripening in early September.

Violette Hative

Fruit medium, round and even; greenish white, dark red where exposed to the sun; good flavour; travels well; ripe middle of September in the open; bears forcing well.

Walburton Admirable

Fruit large, round, pale-yellowish green, crimson next the sun, mottled and clouded with darker colour; high flavoured. Ripens end of September or early October. The tree is very hardy, and a good bearer.


Fruit above medium size, bright red; high flavour. Ripe mid-July.

Varieties Of Nectarines

The following are good varieties of Nectarines:


Fruit larger than Violette Hative, roundish oval, broadest at the base, greenish-yellow, mottled with dull red, dark red next the sun. Early September.


Fruit medium; pale green, bright red on the side exposed to the sun; flavour excellent. The earliest of all Nectarines. Forces and bears well.


Fruit large, green, dotted with red, dark red on the sunny side; good flavour. One of the very best. Mid-September.

Early Rivers

Fruit extra large, greenish white, bright red where exposed to the sun; of excellent flavour. Like Lord Napier, but ripens in early August.


Fruit middle-sized, roundish, inclining to oval; pale green, dark violet-red next the sun; forces well. Late August.


Fruit very large, round, or inclined to be conical; yellowish green, dark red where exposed to the sun. Mid-September.

Lord Napier

Fruit extra large, round; pale green, bright red where exposed to the sun; excellent flavour. One of the very best Nectarines. Late August.

Pine Apple

Fruit large, roundish, inclined to conical; yellow, dark red where exposed to the sun; excellent pineapple flavour. Late September.

Pitmaston Orange

Fruit large, globular or almost heart-shaped, terminating in a small point or nipple; deep purple, spotted with brown next the sun, orange on the shaded side. Late August.

Rivers's Orange

Fruit medium, round; yellow, dark yellow where fully exposed. Early September.


Fruit of the largest size, roundish, somewhat elongated; green, dull red where exposed to the sun. Mid-September.

Stanwick Elruge

Fruit large, roundish, often elongated; pale green, bright red on sunny side. A great improvement on the old Elruge for size and colour. Mid-August.


Fruit similar in every respect to Stanwick, but does not crack. One of the highest flavoured and best. Late August.

Violette Hative

Fruit medium, roundish; yellowish-green, dark purplish-red, mottled with pale-brown dots next the sun. A good forcer. Late August or early September.