Many English market gardeners grow this crop, but not in the same way as their French brothers. The latter look upon it as an important adjunct to other crops, and frequently sow it broadcast on beds which are afterwards planted with Cos Lettuces, Endives, Cauliflowers, or Cabbages. The "Round-leaved " variety, and the "Large-leaved Italian" or "Regence", are the Corn Salads or Maches favoured by the French growers. Early in August, or the last week in July, a sowing of Round-leaved Corn Salad is made, and for succession crops other sowings of Regence are made in September and October, as it stands the winter better. The soil should be prepared and well trodden before sowing to yield the best results, and should be thoroughly watered in hot or dry weather, otherwise the crop may fail. According to circumstances, Radishes may sometimes be sown with Corn Salad. In any case the latter is a good crop, coming into use from November onwards at very little expense.

Italian Corn Salad (Valerianella eriocarpa).

Fig. 528. - Italian Corn Salad (Valerianella eriocarpa).

This native hardy annual (Valerian-ella olitoria) makes a useful catch crop sown between rows of fruit trees, or in specially prepared beds. The kinds mostly favoured are the "Large-leaved", the "Improved dark-green or Cabbaging", and the "Italian". The seeds are sown broadcast or in drills about 6 to 9 in. apart, and are afterwards thinned out from 3 to 6 in. apart. Sowings may be made in March and April and again in August and September. The plants are pulled and marketed whole as soon as large enough, being washed and packed in peck or half-bushel baskets. Corn Salad is largely grown in French market gardens. (See p. 203).