A genus of very ornamental shrubs, some being evergreen, others deciduous, but all useful for garden or rockwork decoration, or for forming game coverts. The flowers in all cases are white and Hawthorn-like, and bright-red or crimson fruits appear in autumn and last during the winter. Many of them are easily raised from seeds, and these provide stocks upon which other kinds are grafted. Cuttings and layers are also made. Amongst the best evergreen Cotoneasters are buxifolia, microphylla, pannosa, rotundifolia, and thymifolia; and amongst the deciduous species - acuminata, affinis, bacillaris, frigida, horizontalis, integerrima (or vulgaris), laxiflora, multiflora. Nummu-laria (semi-evergreen), Simonsi, and tomentosa. Of these, Simonsi is grown in very large numbers for game coverts and also to supply stocks for grafting.